Miss Esther skipped up the stairs.

It was a beautiful Monday morning and almost time to make breakfast!

Miss Esther reached the top of the stairs and entered the library.

She and her sisters had actually had quite a discussion as to what the room should be called. It was so many things all at once! But they had finally decided on ‘library’. It sounded extra special and interesting.  


Miss Esther glanced down. “Good morning, Cashew!” She knelt to scratch behind his ears. “Did you sleep well?”

“Whoof, whoof!” Cashew wagged his tail for reply.

“I’m glad!” Miss Esther gave him a warm smile. “Are you hungry for breakfast?”

Cashew’s tail wagged even faster and his black eyes seemed to shine with excitement. Then he slid over to where his empty bowl was waiting.

Miss Esther moved into the kitchen and fetched the box of dog food. She measured out the right size of mix and then put it into his bowl.

Cashew wagged his tiny tail as thanks and then his head went down into the dish. Evidently he was hungry!

Miss Esther put the dog food away and then went to check the stove. The embers were still hot from the day before and it took very little to get them going again. In a few minutes she had a nice fire going.

She moved the pan of water and oatmeal from the back of the stove and set it on the heat.

“I think I should have just enough time to get the apples chopped before it boils!”

Miss Esther pulled a few apples from a nearby basket and hummed a little tune to herself as she chopped. She loved Mondays.

There was a step on the stairs and Miss Esther looked up to see one of her sisters coming to join her.

“Good morning, Priscilla!” Miss Esther swept up the apples and dumped them into a serving bowl. “It’s a beautiful day!”

“It is indeed!” Her sister’s black eyes were wide awake. “You’re already up, Esther?”

The sound of something sputtering broke into their conversation.

“My oatmeal!” Miss Esther flew for the stove and shoved the pot off the heat just as it boiled over. It oozed over the pan and onto the hot stove surface.

For the next minute the sisters were busy cleaning up the mess. Finally the oatmeal was back on the stove and Miss Esther drew a deep breath.

Priscilla spoke first. “So did you sleep well?”

Miss Esther chuckled. “Yes, I did. How about you, Priscilla?”

Priscilla nodded. “I discovered a new hymn story last night!” She prepared to set the table. “Did you know that…” And Priscilla was off into the description of the background to one of her most beloved hymns.

“That’s interesting.” Miss Esther stirred the oatmeal and tried to decide if it was done.

“Is something burning down here?”

Miss Esther looked up quickly as her youngest sister came sweeping into the library.

“Not anymore, Susanna!” Miss Esther smiled. “The oatmeal boiled over while I was busy talking to Priscilla.”

“Imagine that!” Susanna’s voice still sounded a bit sleepy.

“Good morning, Susanna!” Priscilla set the last of the bowls on the table.

“Good morning.” Susanna smiled and rubbed a hand over her forehead.

“Can you grab the coconut oil and raisins?” Miss Ester gave the oatmeal a few more stirs. “I think this is just about ready!”

Susanna moved to do so and Miss Esther decided the bubbling mass was done. She tossed a hot mat on the table and then set the hot breakfast on top of it.

“Where is Carrots?” Susanna was looking around the kitchen.

“I don’t know!” Miss Esther wiped her hands on her apron. “I was so busy getting breakfast I completely forgot!”

Priscilla glided into the library and looked around. “Carrots?”

“He can’t have gone too far!” Susanna looked under the table. “Was he down in your room, Esther?”

“No, I didn’t see him there at all.” Miss Esther shook her head.

“I’m sure he will turn up in a minute.” Priscilla brought in one of the chairs from the library. “One consistent thing about Carrots is that he’s always hungry.”

“Carrots! Here, kitty kitty!” Susanna disappeared down the stairs for a few moments. Then she was back. “I don’t see him anywhere.”

Miss Esther wasn’t worried. “It’s alright, Susanna. Let’s go ahead and eat. I’m sure he’ll turn up soon.”

The three sisters gathered round the table and Miss Esther thanked the Lord for the meal. Then they began to fill their bowls and enjoy their oatmeal. They shared quiet time thoughts around the table as they ate.

Priscilla had been reminded in 1 Timothy that the Lord was King. Susanna was meditating on the importance of being thankful as she’d read about in the Psalms.

“I read some verses in John 4 this morning.” Miss Esther added a few more raisins to her oatmeal. “In verse 34 Jesus says that His food was to do the will of His Father. What do you think that means?”

“Maybe…” Priscilla motioned with her hand. “Jesus found doing His Father’s will even more important than eating?”

Miss Esther dropped her spoon right into her bowl. “I never thought of that!”

“That’s a good point!” Susanna nodded as she licked the last of the blueberry juice from her spoon. “I also wonder if Jesus found that walking in obedience to His Father satisfied His soul even more than physical food satisfied his stomach.”

“I should ask you girls more often!” Esther threw up her hands with a smile. “I have a feeling I’ll be thinking about this all day!”

In no time they were finished and moved to do the dishes.

“Carrots still hasn’t showed up.” Susanna shelved the raisins and then turned to look around the room. “I wonder if he went outside?”

“Oh Susanna, it’s alright! Carrots is a smart cat.” Miss Esther gave her compassionate sister a reassuring smile. “He probably found a new mouse to be friends with. He’ll turn up when we’re cleaning.”

But he didn’t.

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