Miss Esther went back into the house and put her basket of quiet time things on her trunk.

“I like keeping my quiet time things in a basket.” Miss Esther thought a moment. “I think I’ll just leave them in there for now. I might want to have my quiet time outside on another day too.”

Miss Esther smiled as she went towards the stairs. She always liked finding fun new things that helped her spend time with Jesus. She would have to tell her sisters about the ‘quiet time basket’ idea when they met for dinner.

Miss Esther entered the library and glanced around. Susanna was resting in the large easy chair with a book. Cashew was curled up on the floor next to her.

“Well, that looks like fun!” Miss Esther gave her sister a warm smile.

“It is!” Susanna laughed. “And I only just sat down. I’ll never know how it is that whenever I finally decide to take a break, either you or Priscilla walks into the room!”

Miss Esther laughed sympathetically. “It happens to me too! Don’t worry. I won’t dust just yet. I can work on planning for next week while you read.”

“Thank-you.” Susanna chuckled and lifted her book up again.

Miss Esther found her planning supplies and pulled a chair up to the table. Soon she had prayerfully identified the key projects for the following week and the days on which she hoped to accomplish them. She checked the calendar and added a couple other appointments to her daily planner pages.

“There! I think that’s it.” Miss Esther slid her pencil into the holder with a triumphant shove.

“You were supposed to take a little longer.” Susanna looked over her book with a smile.

Miss Esther laughed and shook her head. “When I took the job of housekeeper, I had no idea it was such a responsibility. You wouldn’t believe all the details there are to remember!”

“If it’s anything like what it is in the hospital office, I can imagine.” Susanna closed her book and reached over to slide it back on the shelf. “So, now that you have finished planning and I’ve had a reading break, what can I help you with?”

“Thank-you, Susanna.” Miss Esther leaned back in her chair. “I was just going to clean and then arrange the furniture in such a way that we’ll have room for the piano. You should probably rest a bit.”

“Happy to help!” Susanna sprang up with fresh energy. “I’ve been resting for half-an-hour and that’s plenty. Where do you think we should put the piano?”

Miss Esther smiled at her sister’s enthusiasm. “Well, I was thinking we could put it along that wall and move the bookshelf over there.” She pointed to a space beside the big chair. “What do you think?”

“I think that wall is the best spot for the piano.” Susanna eyed the area critically. “But how about we have the rocking chair and the big chair switch places on this side? I think that will give more space and balance things out aesthetically.”

“What did you say?” Miss Esther gave her sister a puzzled look.

“Oh, it’s a new word I learned this week. What I meant to say is that arranging the chairs that way will make things look more balanced and beautiful from a design perspective.”

“Ah! I think I see what you mean.” Miss Esther smiled. “Let’s try it and see how it looks.”

Miss Esther and Susanna moved as much furniture as they could into the kitchen, being careful not to trip over Carrot’s basket. Cashew took refuge behind the kitchen table and watched from there.

“Look at all the dust back here!” Miss Esther threw up her hands in dismay. “I clearly haven’t moved that shelf for a long time.”

Susanna grabbed the broom and quickly swept it over the place. “All gone!”

“Thanks, Susanna.” Miss Esther reached for the broom. “I’ll get these other spots too.”

In a few moments the floor was sparkling clean.

“You know, Susanna, this reminds me of my quiet time this morning.” Miss Esther leaned on her broom for a moment.

“Does it?” Susanna looked up from where she was cleaning a cobweb off the rocking chair.

“Yes. I read in John 5 where Jesus said that God the Father works and He does too.” Miss Esther smiled. “I wanted to put God’s Word into practice today by working too. And our cleaning is giving me the opportunity to do so!”

“That’s so neat.” Susanna leaned against the rocking chair. “I love how God’s Word applies to our every day lives.”

Miss Esther nodded her agreement and then turned back towards the library. “So if we put the piano there, we put the rocking chair here?” Miss Esther tried to remember Susanna’s plan.

“Yes!” Susanna came from the kitchen carrying the freshly dusted chair.

After more pushing and pulling and adjusting the sisters finally had the furniture arranged to their liking.

“It’s definitely going to be more crowded in here.” Susanna ran a hand over her hair. “But I think it will seem cozier.”

“Definitely.” Miss Esther nodded as she gave the shelf a slight push to the left. “There. That’s perfect.”

“How about some lunch?” Susanna glanced towards the kitchen. “I’ve worked up an appetite.”

“Good idea!” Miss Esther dusted off her hands. “I’m surprised the piano movers haven’t called already.”

“Hopefully they aren’t delayed.” Susanna looked worried.

“Oh, I don’t think they will be.” Miss Esther shook her head. “Things are usually on time in Small Village. What would you like for lunch?”

“How about salad and avocado sandwiches?” Susanna looked hopeful.

“Delicious.” Miss Esther clapped her hands. “Let’s do it! Hopefully we can finish before the movers call.”

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