A Bible Verse to Grow By – Sons


A Bible Verse to Grow By enables you and your children to study God’s Word one verse at a time! It teaches a simple Bible study method that your children can use for years to come.


This study is designed to help you and your children feed on God's Word and do what it says. It teaches a simple method for studying a single verse of Scripture that can be used for a lifetime!

Choose a Bible verse. Read it, talk about it, write it, draw it and more!

Study pages for 8 selected verses are included, as well as a blank study page that can be copied for endless Bible study fun!

To watch a video introduction to A Bible Verse to Grow By click here.

Recommended for ages 6 to adult.

Note: This study is the same as the pink A Bible Verse to Grow By. We designed this blue one with sons in mind.

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