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First Place by Marian Thomsen is a simple guide to discipling your children through the habit of Bible Time. It outlines the basics of Bible time, how to prepare for Bible Time and what Bible Time could look like in your home.


Bible Time is a part of your life. Who you are. What you do. It is a means of cultivating your children’s understanding of God and His Word. Of helping your children grow in their personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

It calls for dependence on God, partnership with Him and much prayer. And yet it is simple and enjoyed one day at a time.

In First Place, Marian Thomsen answers such questions as: What is Bible Time? Why have Bible Time? How much time should Bible Time take? When should I begin Bible Time with my children? How can I have Bible Time with my baby? How do I actually do Bible Time with my children?

Full of practical help for parents.


What people are saying:

“It is such a wonderfully thorough encouragement for young parents to do the most important thing for their children – spending time learning God’s Word!” – Jan

“What a beautiful tool in teaching our young ones to love Jesus. I will definitely use it.” – Debbie

“From the words of wisdom inside to the artistic design, it is a wonderful book/work. This is a much needed resource and encouragement for parents that I plan to tell others about.” – Jane

“What a wonderful tool for parents to teach their children about God and His Word. I love how you present things! It is done beautifully and thoughtfully, giving parents guidelines to help them introduce Jesus to their children. What a sweet time it is to talk to your children about the Lord. I wish I had this book when I was starting with my children… I also love the spiritual goals.” – Annie

“It is such a beautifully done book. So many good ideas, good points – plus it’s so easy to read. I liked the point about starting Bible time with babies!” – Grace

“…it is so helpful and encouraging as I didn’t grow up in a Christian home…” – Wanda

“I wish I would have had it when our children were small. But it is also practical for grandparents as well.” – Wayne


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87 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9882030-2-0

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1 review for First Place | Bible Time Handbook for Parents

  1. Lindsey Witt (verified owner)

    I am so grateful for this book! I had the opportunity to read through it this week, and was thrilled with it! I wrote down a long list of ideas to pray about and put into practice, I dog-eared pages and starred so many good points and ideas. It was loaded! I loved the math comparison when you were talking about how much Bible Time to do with your kids. And I was challenge by your comment to sing even when I don’t feel like it! I gleaned great ideas from your spiritual goals sample page. The whole book was a blessing. I was already thinking of a long list of friends I’d like to give a copy to.

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