Bible Study on Wisdom

This printable provides you with a Bible Study on Wisdom. It includes:

  • A front and back cover
  • A title page
  • A contents page
  • A Bible Study with four steps

This Bible study provides the opportunity for you to see what the Bible has to say about wisdom. A simple four step Bible study method is used to guide you as you study 21 Bible verses on wisdom, discover a key truth about wisdom from each verse, summarize the truths you have discovered and then apply a truth to your life. This Bible study can be used for personal study, for a family study or with a Bible study group.

  • Use as a daily Bible Study studying one verse per day.
  • Study one page a day.
  • Complete the study with a friend.
  • Do the study together around the dinner table with your family.
  • Complete the entire Bible study on your own and then share your findings with others during a Bible study group meeting.

Q: Is this Wisdom Bible Study the same as the other Garden Wisdom Bible Studies?

A: The basic steps and verses are all the same.

Q: Is this download free?

A: Yes! It’s free! No payment or e-mail address needed!

Q: Can I print and copy as many Bible Studies as I need?

A: Absolutely! Enjoy printing and copying as many you like for non-commercial use.

Q: How do you recommend using this for a group Bible Study?

A: Have each of your participants go to the Daughters of Decision website, choose which design of the Bible study they like the best and print it. This is a great way to encourage ownership of the study and the enjoyment of customization. You may want to have each person complete the study before attending the group Bible study session.

Q: Are there other wisdom Bible studies that include more decoration?

A: Yes! Check out the Gardens.

Note: Printing results may vary.

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