The Value of Memorizing Scripture

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The Value of Memorizing Scripture: Treasuring the Word of God is a small book with a powerful message. Max Barnett speaks straight from his life about the importance of memorizing Scripture and how to go about it. Challenging inspiration for adults.

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Chapter Topics:

1. Introduction to Scripture Memory
2. Objections to Scripture Memory
3. Memorizing Chapters or Books of the Bible
4. Thirty Reasons to Memorize Scripture
5. Dangers to Avoid in Scripture Memory
6. How to Memorize Verses
7. Memory Course and Memory Aids

Note: Scripture quotations from the NASB are included.

ISBN: 978-0-9974519-1-7

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1 review for The Value of Memorizing Scripture

  1. Lindsey Witt (verified owner)

    God used this little booklet to spur me on to make Scripture memory a priority in my life. The 30 reasons to memorize Scripture in the middle of the booklet were especially motivational. It made me really feel like, “WHY WOULD I NOT BE MEMORIZING GOD’S WORD!?” I have shared this book with others who read it and felt the same way. This booklet is a blessing!

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