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Melanie has been fascinated by tiny things for years and enjoys few things so much as good story. She firmly believes that what we play – with our hands and our minds – influences who we become. Her prayer is that the stories shared here on the story blog encourage girls the world over to seek Christ first in every area of their lives.

Hi Moms!

Welcome to the Story Blog! This is a place where we share small stories and creative activities that you can share with your daughter(s)! We hope she is encouraged to love Jesus more and grow in Him through the things you share with her from this little blog.

Make Your Dolls Bible Study Books!

Miss Esther loves to study God’s Word with her sisters and friends! She wondered if perhaps your dolls would like to do so too?

Here are simple instructions for creating doll-sized Bible Study Books.

Special Note: Here at Daughters of Decision we do not believe that dolls, pretend animals or even real animals, actually have souls. However, since what we read/play directly impacts how we live real life, the characters in these pretend stories give us ideas of how we can live for Christ in real life.
Meet the Characters!

Miss Esther

Miss Esther is a dear friend of Miss Melanie’s. She lives in a cabinet on Woodland Road with her two sisters, Priscilla and Susanna, in the world of Small Village. Miss Esther loves the Lord dearly and delights to serve Him in many ways. Her favorite verse is Psalm 19:14. She likes it so much she prays it every day before she gets up!


Priscilla is Miss Esther’s sister and a librarian. She loves to read and is full of interesting insights whenever the sisters gather for a meal.


Susanna is Miss Esther’s sister and a nurse. She loves taking care of people and animals.


Cashew is Miss Esther’s dog. He is very well-behaved and enjoys going for walks with Miss Esther.


Carrots is Miss Esther’s cat. He is a very friendly creature and loves to be wherever others are. He also has a tendency to get lost, which keeps Miss Esther on her toes.


  1. Beautiful pictures and stories. Great message. Heaven-sent blessing to all who read them. Thank you so much Melissa.

    • Thanks so much for your encouraging note and blessing, Evelyn. So glad you enjoyed the stories. :)

      May you and your family have a wonderful weekend rejoicing in Jesus!
      Love in Him,

  2. I totally agree, “what we play …influences who we become.” When I was young, I played homeschool mom. Now with four of my own kids to homeschool I’m living my childhood dream:) Thanks for offering good stories and ideas for my children!

    • Lindsey, thanks so much for your note and encouraging words. I love your personal example of how what you played when you were young ended up becoming what you actually do now! Praising the Lord for your faithfulness and for dreams come true! :) Hope the stories are a great encouragement to you and your children!

      Love and hugs,


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