Tell Me the Stories of Jesus


Tell Me The Stories of Jesus is a storybook about Jesus’ life on earth. Jesus loved people. He blessed children. He told stories, taught lessons, and stretched out gentle hands to heal. He died for us and rose again. These simple stories and classic illustrations can help your children see Jesus as a real Person who did real things. A wonderful resource for Bible Time.

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These stories and touching illustrations can make a lasting impression on children’s hearts, forming the outlines of a picture that will be filled in as they grow – the picture of Jesus as a caring, understanding and trustworthy Friend.


– Includes seventy stories from the life of Jesus with Scripture reference(s).
– The stories seek to stay true to God’s Word so children learn the truth about Jesus.
– Beautiful illustrations help bring each story to life.
– Questions are included with each story to create opportunities for interaction with your children about the story.

A fantastic resource for Bible Time.

Written by Caleb Crider.

Illustrated by Alex Brover.

Published by Christian Light Publications.

ISBN: 978-0-87813-794-7

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