Daughters of Decision is a 501(C)3 non-profit Christian ministry. We help mothers help their daughters love Jesus and grow in Him. We seek to do this through blog posts, resources, e-mails and retreats.


Daughters of Decision focuses on five decisions that help daughters love Jesus and grow in Him. These five foundational decisions are based on the Bible. The five decisions are: Having a Daily Quiet Time, Talking to God in Prayer, Studying God’s Word, Memorizing God’s Word and Obeying God’s Word.


Daughters of Decision offers resources to help daughters put these five decisions into practice! These resources are available in the Daughters of Decision online shop.


The Daughters of Decision Retreat is for daughters, their mothers and grandmothers!

The purpose of the Daughters of Decision Retreat is to encourage daughters in their personal relationship with Christ. We spend time in prayer, sing hymns and Scripture songs, share from the Word and enjoy a simple craft. Join us as we reconnect with friends, meet new friends, enjoy the gracious hospitality at Carlisle Inn and the beauty of Amish country. Learn more here


Marian shares creative ways to encourage your daughter’s love for Jesus one day at a time! Visit the blog here.


We believe that daughters are a gift from God. We also believe that parents have a God-given responsibility to invest spiritually in the lives of their daughters. First by their own living example and secondly, by the training of their daughters in God’s Word and prayer.

We believe that the husband is responsible before God to be the spiritual leader of the home. We also believe that the wife is to support her husband in this responsibility by intentionally investing in the spiritual lives of their daughters.

We believe the parents are responsible for investing in the spiritual lives of their sons as well. For resources to help you disciple your sons visit www.sonsofdecision.com

Statement of Faith

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