How much time should you invest in the spiritual growth of your children each day? This is a truly vital question to ask and answer. 

Let’s think about teaching children math for a moment. We know that it’s important to teach children math and we begin to teach them to count when they are very young. We don’t wait for them to be old enough to begin formal math instruction before introducing them to numbers.

When formal math instruction begins, it often takes place every school day.  We know that children will most likely struggle with math if they are sent to a math class only once a week. And, we do not hope that children will develop their math skills by just hearing someone talk about it. Often, math instruction is given 5 days a week and math practice is a must!

How many hours would it be if we calculated the time spent learning math from kindergarten to high school? Let’s see. Five days a week, a half hour to an hour for a math lesson a day, plus time spent on math assignments for 12 years. I am not going to take the time to calculate that here, but you get the point!  A lot of hours are spent on math. And that is a good thing! Math is important to know.

Now, let’s think about this in light of Bible Time. We would agree that your children’s spiritual growth is far more important than their mathematical skills.

And, if you truly believe this, you will make sure that you invest a significant portion of time each day in the spiritual growth of your children. 

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