Miss Esther glanced at her reflection in the mirror and adjusted the collar of her yellow dress.

There. That was perfect.

“Yellow is such a cheerful color, Lord.” Miss Esther glanced down at her full skirt, the crisp yellow fabric was dotted all over with small blue flowers. “Would you help me to share Your joy with others today?”

Miss Esther pushed herself to her feet and set about tidying her room for the morning. The adventures of finding and taking care of her cat Carrots the day before had resulted in her room being a bit out of order. She hummed a little tune as she worked. It was so pleasant to be able to move about and set things in their places.

At last she reached for her quiet time things. In a few moments she’d settled down on her freshly made bed. The rest of the cabinet house’s multiple occupants were evidently still asleep because she couldn’t hear anyone else moving about.

Miss Esther bowed her head. “Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for a good night’s sleep and for a new day. Would You help me to understand what I read in Your Word today? Thank You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Miss Esther opened her journal and carefully wrote in the date. Then she looked to see what passage she was to read that day. Her journal had it written right on the page.

“John 4:39-42.” Miss Esther set aside her journal and flipped open her Bible to where her bookmark was. “Yesterday I read about how Jesus found doing God’s will more satisfying than food. I wonder if this is the rest of the story?”

Miss Esther eagerly began to read the new verses. It was indeed about what happened after Jesus’ talked with the woman by the well and with His disciples. Miss Esther read the passage through and then went back to look again at verse 39.

And many of the Samaritans of that city believed in Him because of the word of the woman who testified, “He told me all that I ever did.” (NKJV)

“The woman told others about what Jesus had told her and they believed in Jesus too.” Miss Esther rested her chin in her hand. “How could I share with others today about what Jesus has done for me?”

She thought for a few moments and then wrote down the verse in her journal. In the place for her own notes, she penned these lines:

Jesus has done so much for me. He has saved me and given me hope. May I be watchful for opportunities to tell others about Him today!

Miss Esther set aside her journal and was about to slide to her knees when she heard a scurrying sound from the books near her bed. She paused a moment.


“Hello? Is anyone there?” Miss Esther was surprised.

“Just me!” The voice sounded very much like a squeak.

“Who is me?” Miss Esther smiled even though she couldn’t see who it was.

“Um…well…you won’t scream if I tell you?” The someone sounded worried.

“I don’t think so.” Miss Esther shook her head. “Here in Small Village we’re all friends.”

“Oh!” The someone sighed with relief. “Then I’ll tell you. My name is Tiny…Tiny Mouse.”

Miss Esther smiled. She’d figured it was a mouse. She hopped off her bed and moved to stand in front of the small stand of books at the head of her bed. In a moment she’d spotted her guest.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Tiny. My name is Miss Esther.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Tiny smiled nervously.

“How long have you lived here, Tiny?”

“As long as you have.” Tiny’s eyes were wide.

“And I’m only just now meeting you? I’m sorry I haven’t noticed you before!” Miss Esther held out her hand. “So glad we’ve met at last.”

Tiny shook Miss Esther’s hand carefully. “Can I ask what you were doing? I…I…was curious…”

“Of course!” Miss Esther smiled. “I was having my quiet time.”

“What’s a quiet time?”

“A quiet time is time alone with God, reading the Bible and talking to Him in prayer.” Miss Esther motioned to where her quiet time things were. “I just finished writing in my journal.”

“Oh.” Tiny seemed surprised. “That’s nice. What’s it like to pray? I’ve heard of prayer, but never done it before.”

“It’s wonderful.” Miss Esther leaned slightly against the books. “Prayer is talking to God, just like you talk to me. I could show you how if you like.”

Tiny nodded.

There was the sound of a distant squeak.

“Oh! That’s my brother Goldie.” Tiny sprang to her feet. “I’ve got to go! Maybe I could come back another time?”

“Please do.” Esther smiled warmly. “Tomorrow morning?”

Tiny nodded and then disappeared as quickly as she’d come.

“How fun to make a new friend this early in the day!” Miss Esther glanced about the room. “There are many dear ones who live in Walnut House on Woodland Street!”

Miss Esther went back towards her bed and dropped to her knees. She loved reading God’s Word, but she also loved talking to God. She reached for her quiet time journal.

“Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for this verse I read.” Miss Esther looked at her journal page. “Thank You for the woman’s example of telling others what You had done for her. Would you open my eyes to see opportunities today to share with others what You have done for me?” 

Then Miss Esther reached for her prayer pocket. She had different colored cards for different aspects of prayer. She took out one card from each color and laid them on the bed in front of her. 

She started with the yellow card which had something to praise the Lord for. “Lord, You are loving.”  

Miss Esther smiled. Fresh in her mind was the idea of how wonderful her Savior was.

Then she focused on her next card. It was pink and had something on it to thank the Lord for. 

“Thank You for my home.” Miss Esther paused a moment and ran her hand over her green quilt. “You take such good care of us, Lord.” 

She looked at her white card, which was on forgiveness. “Lord, please make my heart whiter than snow.” 

Miss Esther then reached for her purple card. “Ah, Lord, I get to pray for my sisters today! Would You give Priscilla and Susanna wisdom as they make decisions today? And please give them strength, especially Susanna. She kept an eye on Carrots last night and I’m not sure she got much sleep.” 

Miss Esther set down her purple card and looked at the orange one. “Oh how fun! I get to pray for my neighbor Sarai today. Lord, would You give Sarai a compassionate heart as she serves so many people? Please keep her safe and in good health. And thank-you for the new neighbor I met today. Please draw Tiny to Yourself. I don’t think she knows You. Please help me to be an encouragement to her.” 

“And now, Lord, we’re down to me.” Miss Esther looked at her last card. It was bright green. “Please help me to have a cheerful heart, even when I’m a bit tired from all the adventures of yesterday. I’m supposed to go visit the mice for tea this afternoon, which will be lovely, but I’m afraid I might get irritated about silly things because I’m tired. Would You help me to serve no matter how I feel? Thank You.” 

Miss Esther drew a deep breath. She glanced over her prayer cards. Yes, she’d prayed for all the things. 

“It’s such a joy to know You, Lord.” Miss Esther bowed her head. “Thank You for the chance to live this day with You. In Christ’s Name, Amen.” 

Miss Esther carefully began tucking her cards back into their little pockets. She put the ones she had used at the back of each pocket. When she next had her prayer time, she’d use the ones at the front of each pocket. It would be fun to see what new things she would get to pray about. This system kept her prayer cards in order and Miss Esther loved to be organized. 

In a few moments Miss Esther had stashed her quiet time things in their place on her trunk where she could find them the next morning. 

“Talking with Tiny took some extra time.” Miss Esther glanced at the clock. “I’d better hurry if I’m going to get breakfast ready for my sisters! We’ll have Scrambled Eggs this morning to make up the time.”

Then with a skip and a bounce Miss Esther raced up the stairs. 

A new day was about to begin.


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