“Good morning, Cashew!” Miss Esther moved into the library. “How is my dearest puppy today?”

Cashew trotted over, his tail wagging energetically.

“It’s the middle of the week already!” Miss Esther scratched behind Cashew’s ears. “And we have Bible study tonight!” Miss Esther glanced around the library. “Am I ever glad we already cleaned house this week!”

Cashew reached up to lick her face and Miss Esther knew he agreed. She laughed as his pink tongue touched her cheek.

Miss Esther gave Cashew a friendly pat. “Alright! Let’s see about some breakfast!”

In a few minutes Miss Esther had fed her dog and ‘woken up’ the kitchen. The sun came through the window and made the whole room look cheery.

“I think we’ll make smoothie bowls for breakfast today.” Miss Esther tapped a finger on her chin in thought. “All those fresh enzymes will do us good!”

Miss Esther reached into her fruit basket and pulled out some bananas. She set them on the table and then took some strawberries and fresh yogurt from the icebox. In no time at all the blender was whirling the fresh ingredients into a thick and creamy treat.

Miss Esther had just taken down the granola from the shelf when she felt two arms slid around her shoulders. A glimpse of bright blue fabric told her who it was.

“Susanna!” Miss Esther set down the granola and moved to return her sister’s hug. “How is my favorite littlest sister this morning?”

Susanna laughed and Miss Esther’s eyes sparkled. It was a special joke between them. It was true in that Susanna was the youngest sister. But she was definitely not the shortest.

“She is very blessed!” Susanna gave Miss Esther a hearty squeeze and then drew back. “Carrots got more sleep last night and thus, so did I!”

“Wonderful!” Miss Esther reached over to turn off the blender. “How is he this morning?”

“Better.” Susanna claimed the granola and set it on the table. “I redid the wrap on his leg, so there’s no need to attend to it till tonight.”

Miss Esther nodded as she set a jar of soaked and sprouted nuts on the table. She gave the table a quick glance to make sure they had everything and didn’t see her sister Priscilla glide quietly into the kitchen.

“Susanna, you’re early!” Priscilla’s voice was surprised.

Miss Esther turned to see her sisters giving each other a good-morning hug.

“I’d better watch out or I’ll miss helping with breakfast!” Priscilla glanced at the breakfast table. “Didn’t you leave me anything to do, Susanna?”

“Nope! Beat you to it for once!” Susanna beamed. “Did you manage to get any sleep after pouring over those books about pianos last night?”

Priscilla laughed. “Yes! But I did dream about pianos.”

Miss Esther poured the smoothie mix into bowls and set one at each place at the table. The sisters would add their toppings of choice after they prayed.

“Is Carrots awake?” Miss Esther glanced to where Susanna had set the cat’s basket by the stove.

“He’s pretty sleepy.” Susanna took her seat with a smile. “Smoothies aren’t really his thing. I think he’d rather catch a little more rest.”

Miss Esther nodded and joined her sisters at the table. Priscilla thanked the Lord for the food and then the sisters set about making up the rest of their bowls. Susanna piled hers with granola and a little maple syrup. Priscilla preferred some extra strawberries with a generous serving of nuts. Miss Esther did a little bit of everything.

The table conversation quickly turned to the possibility of purchasing a piano for their home. The merits of various kinds of pianos were discussed with great energy. The MaeWell sisters were rarely at a loss when it came to having decided opinions, no matter what the subject was.

“So, the verdict is?” Miss Esther finally raised her spoon to bring the debate to a head.

“I really don’t care.” Susanna leaned back in her chair with a laugh. “So long as Priscilla likes it and it looks pretty, I’m happy.”

The sisters all laughed, but Miss Esther sent a loving look Susanna’s way.

“What would you recommend, Priscilla?” Miss Esther cleaned the last of the banana from her bowl.

“I really like the K&K brand.” Priscilla’s eyes were wide with delight. “The dynamic range is exceptional. It gives you the deep base, the clear middle and the sweet high notes.”

“How’s the action?” Susanna’s blue eyes were deep with thought. “I mean, are the keys tight or loose or what?”

“They have the perfect balance.” Priscilla grinned and then sobered. “There’s just one catch.”

“What’s that?” Miss Esther glanced at the clock to be sure they still had time to talk. They did.

“It’s more expensive.” Priscilla’s dark eyes were troubled.

Miss Esther shrugged. “It just means we’ll have to save longer.”

Priscilla relaxed and nodded. “It’d be worth it to get one we really like.”

“And let’s pray about it too!” Susanna rose to take her dishes to the sink. “Maybe someone has a K&K piano they don’t want anymore and would be willing to sell it for less. Sarai and I are getting together for lunch today. She subscribes to the newspaper so I’ll check the ads and see if there are any secondhand pianos for sale.”

“Oh Susanna, that would be splendid!” Priscilla clapped her hands for joy. “Thank-you!”

The sisters moved quickly to clean up the kitchen.

“Do we have Bible study tonight?” Susanna swept the last of the crumbs from the table.

“Yes.” Miss Esther looked up with a smile. “We’re going to start studying John chapter 1 a verse at a time, remember?”

Susanna nodded.

“I’ll try to have some soup on the stove for when you girls get home.” Miss Esther added another log to the fire in the stove. “There should be just enough time for you to eat before our friends arrive.”

“Sounds perfect!” Susanna tied on her bonnet and gave her sisters a wave. “See you at dinner!”

In a few moments Priscilla had donned her hat and disappeared out the door as well.

Miss Esther fed Carrots some milk for his breakfast and made sure his basket was in a place close to the stove. She watered the flowers just outside the door and then took a deep breath of the spring air.

“It’s another beautiful day, Lord!” Miss Esther leaned against the doorframe. “Thank-you that even though I have desk work to do today, I can enjoy the weather through the windows!”

Then Miss Esther turned and entered the house.

There was much to do before 7:00pm.

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