“My sisters and I took molasses cookies to the grand tea last month. I remember how much Martha Mouse loved them!” Miss Esther’s eyes began to sparkle. “Mel and Mellie Mouse would probably enjoy them too!” 

Miss Esther’s mind mentally ran through her cupboards. “Yes…I think I have everything needed to make them, but I’ll double check to be sure.” Miss Esther smiled. “Thank You, Lord! That is the perfect idea.”

Then she took a deep breath and enjoyed the view for an extra moment. 

Walnut House, where Miss Esther lived with her sisters, looked out over Bluebell Lawn. On the other side of the lawn was the golden castle where Princess Ella lived with her father, King Teddy-O-So-Grand. 

The castle was a very busy place, serving the inhabitants of Small Village and the villages beyond. On many an evening the happy lights of the castle lit up the lawn and reminded one of the joy that comes from knowing the Lord. 

“We are so blessed to have a king and princess that love You, Lord.” Miss Esther moved to head back into her house. “Please give them wisdom in their decisions today as they help so many. Thank You. In Christ’s Name, Amen.”

Miss Esther entered her kitchen but left the door ajar so that the fresh breezes of the spring air could come inside. She paused beside Carrot’s basket. He was dozing happily, a little bit of milk still on his whiskers. 

Miss Esther smiled. 

If her pet could get some solid sleep it would help him to get better. And pass the time. She was quite sure that staying in bed would not come easily to Carrots. He loved to talk to folks and walk everywhere. 

“I must see what I can do to help him stay busy even when he can’t move about.” Miss Esther added another log to the stove as quietly as she could. “But for now, let’s see about those cookies.” 

Miss Esther took down her cook book and flipped to the recipe she wanted. “Ah! Here it is.” 

She scanned the ingredients and took a quick inventory to see if she had everything. Satisfied at last that she had what she needed, Miss Esther got to work. She mixed her wet and dry ingredients separately and then stirred them together. 

“Now to chill the batter.” Miss Esther wrapped a towel over the bowl of dough and then slipped it into the icebox. “And in the meantime I can clean the library!” 

Miss Esther carefully put the cooking dishes she no longer needed into the sink and wiped off the kitchen counter. Then she fetched her cleaning supplies and got to work. She put away some of the things that had been left out the day before, dusted the furniture and then prepared to mop the floor.

“I’m so glad Carrots is a sound sleeper.” Miss Esther chuckled as she carefully filled her mop bucket. “Or he would have a hard time sleeping just now!” Miss Esther carefully carried the bucket into the library. “We just mopped this floor yesterday, but it rained last night and now we have all kinds of dirt from our muddy shoes in here!” 

First, Miss Esther swept away all the dry dirt with her broom. Then she got down on her hands and knees to scrub off the stubborn mud. Fortunately it didn’t take too long. By the time Miss Esther had rinsed out her mop bucket and put away her supplies, it was time to check the cookie dough. 

Miss Esther found a spoon and dipped it into the bowl for a taste. “Mmmm…scrumptious!” She chuckled to herself. “Better make sure I don’t eat it all up before it’s baked!” 

Miss Esther greased her cookie sheets and began rolling the dough into little balls. Once the two trays were full of the little balls she slid them into the oven and set her timer. 

She rolled up on her toes for a moment in anticipation. The house was going to smell so good! 

In another hour the kitchen counter was covered with cooling cookies. Miss Esther washed up her baking dishes and left them to dry on the dish rack.

“And now I think it’s time for a break!” Miss Esther laughed softly to herself and brushed a few strands of hair from her forehead.

She heard Carrots stir.

“Did you have a nice sleep?” Miss Esther bent down to see how her pet was.

“Meow.” Carrots sounded sleepy but he sniffed the air curiously.

“You have a good nose, Carrots. The cookies are just out of the oven!”

Carrots eyes widened and he licked his lips.

Miss Esther smiled but inside she could have sighed. She was so close to her break and now…she had the opportunity to take care of Carrots.

“Oh Lord, would You help me to be kind and serve?” Miss Esther prayed silently in her heart but knew the Lord heard every word as clearly as if she had spoken it aloud.

Miss Esther looked at her cat. “Are you hungry, Carrots?”

“Meow!” Carrots was clearly fully awake now.

Miss Esther rose and poured a little milk into a bowl. Then she put a cookie on a plate and came back to Carrots. In a few moments she had him on her lap and was busy helping him to his early lunch.

“This is what Jesus did for me.” Miss Esther’s thoughts were busy. “He could have stayed in heaven but He came down instead to serve us.” She remembered her quiet time verse. “I wonder if one way we tell others about Jesus is simply by serving like He did?”

Carrot nudged her arm. He was ready for his next bite of cookie. He was very, very fond of cookies.

In a very short space of time both the milk and the cookie had disappeared. Miss Esther tucked Carrots back into his basket and he promptly fell asleep again.

Miss Esther brushed the crumbs from her apron and rose to her feet. She put Carrot’s dishes in the sink and washed her hands.

“Okay, let’s put the rest of these cookies away and then we can rest for a few moments.” Miss Esther carefully put the tasty treats in containers to keep them fresh, saving out one for her snack. She cleared away the cooling racks and wiped the table. Then she carried her plate into the library in high glee.

She settled down into her armchair with a happy sigh. “Lord, sometimes breaks are the more lovely for being delayed! Thank You for helping me to serve Carrots and for this cookie. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Miss Esther took a bite of the spicy cookie and savored the rich flavor, topped with the hint of cinnamon.

Miss Esther smiled. “Perfect! Absolutely perfect!”

After a few more bites, Miss Esther reached to take a book she was reading off the bookshelf. It was the story of George Muller who, many years before, had cared for many orphans in England. She slowly munched her cookie as she read of the amazing ways the Lord had provided for Mr. Muller and all the children. All too soon she knew she needed to stop and prepare lunch.

Miss Esther slid the book back on the shelf and then cleaned the last crumbs off her plate as she thought about what she’d read.

“George Muller prayed and the Lord answered in small ways and big ways.” Miss Esther swallowed the last crumb. “We serve a mighty God. I’m so glad we can pray!”

Then Miss Esther rose. It was time to prepare lunch for her sisters!

She was quite sure they would enjoy the cookies too.

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