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This Quiet Time Journal provides a simple way for you and/or your daughter to meet with God each day. There are five versions to choose from.


This Quiet Time Journal explains what a Quiet Time is and how to have a Quiet Time. Additionally, it provides a 90 day set of journal pages for Matthew, Mark, Luke, John or Scripture of your choice.

Using these journals, you and/or your daughter can systematically read through one of the Gospels. Similarly, one can read through another portion of Scripture by choosing the Special Edition Quiet Time Journal. Because the Special Edition Quiet Time Journal does not provide a specific reading plan, one can choose whatever portion of Scripture they would like to read. Or, you can use one of the four Gospel reading plans in the back of the Special Edition Journal.

How do I or my daughter use this journal?

First of all, when having a Quiet Time, you pray and ask the Lord to help you understand His Word (Psalm 119:18). Secondly, you read the selection of Scripture for that day. Then, you write out a personally chosen verse from the reading with your own thoughts about the verse. Finally, you talk to God about the verse you have chosen.

What people are saying:

“I really think that these journals will be a blessing to many girls. There is nothing better than getting people into the Word…it’s (a) great tool to get girls into the daily habit of reading God’s Word and actually thinking about what they read. And your journal is so pretty, I think it will be very appealing and special to young ladies!” – Sarah

“My three daughters have been so blessed by them.” (Quiet Time Journal) “…They all said it has been so helpful to just read a smaller passage and spend more time thinking about those few verses and picking one that really stands out to them. The fact that they’re all reading the same thing each day has caused lots of conversation between them as sisters about what their favorite part was of that day’s reading.” – Angela

“They (Quiet Time Journals) are so beautiful and the perfect tool to sharpen my own walk with Christ…God has led me to begin a discipleship ministry for older girls (17+), to encourage them to give their hearts and lives fully to Jesus Christ. The journals are going to be an important part of the beginning of our journey together!” – Sarah

“- it will be interesting to see how John’s message weaves into my personal growth this first quarter of the year. The book of John is a favorite and what an excellent choice for young women to start developing the habit of daily quiet time.” – Teri

“We just finished another Quiet Time with the Lord using your wonderful journals. We all look forward to our Quiet Time each morning. It has been a helpful tool in helping us grow in our spiritual lives and encouraging each of us to have our personal time with God each day.” – Jane

“(The Quiet Time Journal) is pretty, practical, AND professional quality. I praise the Lord with you for the completion of this special publishing project. May it be one of many!” – Sarah

“With having two little girls I’ve been really struggling with my Quiet Time and knowing what and when to do it. Your journal was just the reminder I needed that it doesn’t have to be a huge amount of time or an elaborate study, but just time with the Lord.” – Anna

Other Information

This product can be used with any Bible translation. If you would like some encouragement for having a daily Quiet Time, read “Feeding Your Soul” or “A Place of Quiet Rest”.

Size: 6″ x 9″

ISBN: 978-098820300-6

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × .70 in

3 reviews for A Quiet Time Journal

  1. Lindsey Witt (verified owner)

    These journals have been an enjoyable and helpful tool for my daughters to use as they seek to have their own quiet times. I love that my girls are prompted in these journals to pray for God’s help first. Then they are pointed to a specific section of Scripture to read that day. And I also love that they are challenged to stop and think about what they’ve read. The thoughts and questions that the girls come up with upon mediating on the passage of Scripture astonish me and bring me much joy! One such thought was, “Wow. Jesus was a servant. I should serve too.” God is using these journals in my girls’ lives! I’d highly recommend them for any age!

  2. Katie

    I like the journals. They help me have a better understanding of the Bible!

  3. Abigail Flora

    These devotionals are wonderful!!!!!!! Would recommend them to anyone and everyone!!

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