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Meditation by Jim Downing provides practical instruction and encouragement for those who wish to have a more abiding relationship with the Lord. This little book focuses on meditation on the Word of God, prayer and obedience. Excellent for older children and adults.

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To many Christians, the word meditation brings with it negative connotations. But meditation on the right topic – God’s Word – is one of the ways we get to know Him best.

In John 15, Jesus commanded His disciples to abide in Him and share His very life. He promised that if they did, they would be fruitful. The Word of God suggests three ways in which modern-day disciples can share in the life of Jesus: through the mind in meditation, through the affections in communion, and through the will in choosing and obeying.

In Meditation, Jim Downing explores each of these, giving practical instruction and encouragement to all who wish to have a more abiding relationship with the Lord.

ISBN: 978-1-61521-725-0

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