Lovely Snow Flurries Bookmarks

This printable provides you with a beautiful set of bookmarks to decorate and personalize for your use or to give as gifts! The printable includes:

      • Bookmarks
      • Bookmark backs with lines.
      • Decorations to use on the bookmarks.
    • Use the bookmarks as a craft activity with your Bible Study group.
    • Use the bookmarks for your Quiet Time Bible readings.
    • Use the bookmarks with your Bible Study.
    • Use the bookmarks to decorate the refrigerator.
    • Use the bookmarks as gifts for friends!
  • Q: Is this download free?

    A: It's free! No payment or e-mail address needed!

    Q: Can I use this with my Bible Study group and print and copy as many as I need?

    A: Absolutely! Enjoy printing and copying as many you like for non-commercial use.

    Note: Printing results may vary.

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