Step, Stop and Say is a fun way to enjoy memorizing a Bible verse with your children. This video introduces the activity and explains how to get started. See further ways to enjoy this activity here:


Step in a Circle!

Place the verse cards in a circle. Step around the circle as you say the verse. 

Step it Up!

Take the Bible memory word cards and lay the cards in order up your stairs, one card per step. Walk up the stairs saying each word of the verse.

Step it Down!

Lay the cards in order starting at the top of the stairs and going down the stairs. Walk down the stairs saying each word of the verse.


Turn it Over!

After you have enjoyed “Step, Stop and Say” for a few days, you may like to have your child turn one word card over so that he can no longer see the word on the card. Have your child say the verse again as he steps to each card. Your child will need to remember the word that he can no longer see as he says the verse. Continue to turn more cards over when your child is ready to say the verse without seeing those words.


Your child may enjoy drawing a picture on the back of each card that will remind him of the word on the other side of the card. These drawings will be a helpful hint when saying the verse with cards turned over.

Step Outside!

RUN: Place the cards around the edge of your yard. Leave a lot of space between each card. Have your child run to each card and then stop and say each word.

HIDE: Hide the cards around the backyard. Make sure a part of the each hidden card is showing. Have your child collect the cards as he finds them. Then ask him to put the cards in verse order. Read or say the verse together with or without the cards.


A Complete Verse!

Enjoy “Step, Stop and Say” using Bible memory cards that have a complete Bible verse on them. Each step will give your child the opportunity to review another memory verse!

SAVE THE CARDS – Each time you have finished using the cards, have your child collect the cards. Use a paper clip to keep the cards together and put the cards with your other Scripture Memory resources to use again.

Why the Teddy Bear?

The Teddy Bear in this video is letting you know that the idea shared is great for little children too! If your children are not old enough to quote the Bible memory verses, you can say the verses while they listen. You may also like to make the game board with a 3×3 grid instead of a 4×4 grid.

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