Some little children really enjoy tossing balls and other things. Here is a simple and fun Bible memory verse activity that capitalizes on this interest! 

Play “Toss It!”

Suggested Ages: 2 – 5


“Sock Bags”
Collect pairs of socks. You will need as many pairs of socks as there are words in the Bible memory verse you will say, plus two more pairs for the Bible verse reference. Fold each pair of socks together by putting the two socks inside one of the legs of one of the socks. (See video). These folded socks become “Sock Bags” similar to and instead of “Bean Bags.”

Find a large basket. A laundry basket is great for this activity.


1. Choose
Choose a Bible memory verse.


2. Say
Have your child say the chosen Bible memory verse with you. If you have chosen a new memory verse, have him repeat the Bible reference and each word in the verse individually after you have said them. If he already knows the Bible verse, he can say the verse along with you. Say the verse slowly.


3. Toss
Each time your child says the Bible reference or a word of the Bible verse, have your child toss one “sock bag” into the basket.


Do It Again!

Dump the sock bags out of the basket and start again!

Very Little Child?

Place the basket very close to your child for tossing ‘success.’

Good Tossing Skills?

If your child is a little older, and has developed good tossing skills, you can move the basket further away each time you say the Bible verse together.

Change Location!

For variety, change the location of the basket. You may want to take turns playing this in your family room, the hallway, a bedroom, the kitchen or in the basement. Enjoy!

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Marian Thomsen

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Isaiah 41:10



Here’s another fun way to memorize and/or review a Bible memory verse with your children. This is a great activity when you want to give your children the opportunity to get some wiggles out.

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